I am a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Amsterdam, studying resilience from a complex systems perspective.

I my research I have developed a framework in which mental health is viewed as a complex system, represented as a network of interrelated factors. These factors may behave as protective factors or risk factors, influencing a network of interconnected psychiatric symptoms . Depending on how strong the connection between the symptoms is, the system may end up in a healthy or unhealthy state – a mental disorder. In addition, I have developed new methodology to investigate, based on empirical data, whether a network is currently resilient to various stressors and perturbations, and what interventions might improve or worsen this situation. Importantly, resilience is thus not seen as a fixed person characteristic or as a variable in the model. I operationalize resilience as a characteristic of the whole mental health system, which allows for a dynamic and multifactorial approach.

Feel free to contact me at: g[dot]lunansky[at]uva[dot]nl